“This twisted domestic thriller hasn’t even hit shelves yet, but it’s already being adapted as a TV series by Blumhouse, the producers of Sharp Objects. Told from the perspective of a husband and wife who are the most perfect, and possibly the most dangerous, match for one another, The Woman Inside is a dark tale of secrets, lies, unfaithfulness, and revenge that keeps readers guessing until the very end.” —Bustle

Say hello to my new favorite thriller: The Woman Inside!

Honestly, I tend to get distracted when reading(ADD anyone?), but The Woman Inside had me reeled in from start to finish. Without giving too much away, if you love thrillers and stories that twist and turn and throw you for a loop until the very end, then this is for you! Full of betrayal, lies, and secrets the authors aren’t trying to get you to love the characters, but to love the thrill.

I’m so excited to share my Q&A with the two authors (E.G. Scott is a pseudonym), and get the scoop on how The Woman Inside came to be.


First of all thank you so much for taking part in a Q&A for my readers! I’d love to hear about how you two came to be writing partners?


Thank you so much for bringing us into the mix. Your IG is great!

Greg and I met over twenty years ago in college. We were both theater majors, and bonded over our shared love of writing, plays, books and movies, specifically mysteries, noir and thrillers. We really realized our creative chemistry when we were in a writer’s group together after college.

After many years of independent projects and saying that we were going to collaborate, the perfect timing presented itself. I was coming out of a really painful period where my long term relationship ended suddenly and I felt completely adrift. Greg’s dad passed away after a long illness and he was coming back from that major blow. We were supporting each other and talking a lot about what you can do to turn the really hard life stuff into something productive and positive. We knew we wanted to do something in the thriller genre, and talked a lot about what elements within it we wanted to write about. From there we created a fictional marriage based around a communication break-down, lies, and secrets. And Paul and Rebecca and their very screwed up situation was born.


What do you think the biggest challenge was in creating a thriller with so many plot twists, while still keeping the readers engaged with the characters?


That’s always the trick, with this genre; keeping the mechanics tight while not sacrificing character complexity. We tried to write characters that felt honest–flawed, unlikeable, “human”, so to speak. We drew from personal experience and relationships, not necessarily in terms of plot, but as far as the traits, tendencies and quirks of our characters.

And we focused on the idea of layering quite a bit, in both aspects. By that, I mean to say that we layered in a lot of plot points gradually, utilizing the shifting timelines and perspectives to allow the reader to slowly unravel the story, while also layering in character background in the same way. To your point, I think this allowed us to deliver on both fronts.


To be honest, I didn’t like the characters. However, I NEEDED to know what happens. I had to keep reading. The twists were just too good! Was that the plan? Did you set out not wanting to make the characters especially lovable?


These characters are very easy to hate, which was definitely part of our plan. One of the aspects of domestic thrillers that we both really love, is how essential really flawed and unreliable narrators can be to plotting a really absorbing story. In our book, the terrible, self-serving things that the characters do is integral to unfolding the mystery. Greg and I had a working title between us that was ‘Spectacular Assholes’, which we thought encapsulated our cast of characters pretty well.


What does the future look like for E.G. Scott? Will this partnership continue(please!)?


Oh, absolutely! We’re finishing revisions on the manuscript for a second book as we speak. And we’re about to head out on a five-city tour, so we’ll be promoting ‘The Woman Inside’ as we’re getting the follow-up ready.

Liz and I have had such an incredible experience writing this book together, and I think that it has been a mutually fulfilling creative partnership. We’re able to offer constructive criticism when necessary, but most of all we respect each other tremendously, which serves as motivation to consistently bring our best to the table. And we look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate for many years to come.


I’ve heard through the grapevine that The Woman Inside is heading to the big screen?


Yes! Blumhouse optioning ‘The Woman Inside’ for a TV Series has been amazing. Being huge horror and thriller fans, working with an incredible production company like Blumhouse who have produced so many of our favorite movies and TV shows has been a dream. We absolutely loved what they did with Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’, and felt really confident that our book would be in great hands with them. They really get how to adapt books to screen while preserving the characters and heart of the story in the process.


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