I started The Cult of She in January of 2016 as a creative outlet, but it soon grew into something so much more. I’ve been dabbling in blogging for years, but never really buckled down and focused until this year. I guess you could say I was lacking direction. I’m a Pisces though, so what can you expect really.

After leaving fashion school in Vancouver I moved to New York to intern and eventually work in the fashion PR world. That’s where I truly fell back in love with the world of fashion and marketing.Eventually though I knew I needed to be in a position to be my own boss, and focus on my ever changing goals and dreams.

I took a chance and left my safe secure job for the uncertain. From there I went on to start developing a clothing line, styling shoots, creative directing, and assisting my photographer husband. In between all of this I was bartending and running a dog walking business in NYC. Talk about overload! It wasn’t until we moved from NYC to LA where The Cult of She really came into fruition.

This is a space where I can share all of my passions and dreams without having any specific label. The Cult of She is a lifestyle site to put it vaguely. It contains all off my passions from travel to fashion, to lifestyle and community posts.

I can’t wait to see where The Cult of She will go, and I hope you all come along for the ride!


Nicole Sadozai

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