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If I’m being completely honest shopping for friends and family is tough! Shopping for myself however, is too easy. Adidas makes it easy when it comes to shopping for loved ones during the Holiday season. Even if someone you are shopping for isn’t the “sportiest,” of the bunch I’m sure they’ll never say no to a cozy hoodie or slick sneakers!

When I start my Holiday shopping I always start with the men in my life.

Luckily my brother and Husband and huge adidas fans and I was able to get them some awesome gifts! My husband is a Ronaldo fan so I thought it was fitting to get him a Juventus jersey since his closet is filled with Real Madrid jerseys that he’ll never wear again. He’s also taken up cycling and managed to score him some awesome gloves to wear while biking in the cold this Fall! He has also been stretching out my Adilette Cloudfoam sandals lately that I’ve now been wearing as slippers since summer is long gone so it was definitely time to get him his own pair.  My brother is pretty easy to shop for so I snagged him some NMD’s and an Adidas hoodie to go with it!  Below are all of my picks this season wit the links to each product to make it easy!

adidas-holiday-gift-guide-menswear-holiday gift guide for him


Not sure what to get when it comes to stocking stuffers and little gifts? Here are a few faves!

I’m a HUGE fan of collagen lately and I know my Mom will jump on the wagon once I introduce here to Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen. I also love supporting Vancouver brands when I can so I’ll be sure to send over some Vega Protein Powders for the rest of the fam. My sister in law is so busy working full time and managing a booming side hustla that I thought it would be great to gift her my favorite workout bands for those extra busy days so she can fit in a quick workout at home.

Vital Protiens HERE

Vega Protein HERE

Exercise bands HERE

For the HYGGE lover

When the weather cools down on the East Coast I’m all about getting cozy! There’s nothing better than coming home and putting on a comfy sweatshirt with sweatpants and lounging with a cup of tea or wine. Below are a few of my current HYGGE worthy pieces from Adidas.


Oversized Trefoil Hoodie HERE


Cropped Hoodie HERE

Essentials Sweatpants HERE

My reward for getting all of my shopping done early this year? An outfit for myself of course. I’ve included all of the links below as well 🙂 Happy shopping!

new adidas lux sneakers holiday gift guide

adidas holiday gift guide for her

adidas holiday gift guide 2018

Outfit details:



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