International Women’s Day: Podcasts to empower and inspire

International women’s day is so much more than just a celebration of women. International Women’s Day is a day we recognize how powerful we are. We continue our fight for equality and continue cheering each other on. We are so much stronger together than divided. While we should celebrate our achievements today we should also … Continue Reading

Framebridge: Your new answer to framing

Framebridge is here to change the game in framing. Since moving into our apartment 8 months ago, I’ve been procrastinating majorly when it comes to decorating. Especially framing our prints. Framebridge made it so easy! Yes, yes, I know some of the frames are crooked, but I’ll get there don’t worry. Our goals is to … Continue Reading

Holiday gift guide for the ladies in your life

This Holiday gift guide is for all the ladies in your life. This holiday has been a crazy one for me to say the least. So much going on family and work wise it’s been hard to keep up with everything. I thought it would be best to split my holiday guide into three parts. … Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide : for the Ultimate Host

Gifts fit for the ultimate Host Have a Martha Stewart-esque host in your circle? Unsure of what to get her besides a crockpot? I’ve been there. With Christmas approaching fast I have found myself scrambling my way through stores trying to find the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess! After my search I … Continue Reading

Mezcal = The Spirit of Summer

Mezcal : Your new BFF I have long been a fan of Mezcal’s smokey goodness. When I was first introduced to the so called cousin of tequila my first reaction was , “where has this been all my life!?” I find it to be a great transition when it comes to switching out your old … Continue Reading

Weekend Playlist Vibes

Yes to the weekend! Friday has finally arrived. All hail the weekend. Here is a playlist to help you get through the last few hours at the office. Enjoy.  

Playlist of the moment

Current Playlist || Morning Edition I’m so excited to begin sharing my playlist picks with you guys! I’ll try and share as much as a I can, and hope you enjoy my picks. Follow my soundcloud for more playlists @thecultofshe. Feel free to share you current fave songs in the comments below! I always love … Continue Reading

Wine Wednesday with White Girl Rosé

Wine Wednesday is something we all look forward to right!? I typically tend to keep pretty mellow during the week, unless of course one of my girlfriends asks me to happy hour. At that point, all bets are off. So, while you are trying to make it to the weekend and need a little boost … Continue Reading