Playlist of the moment

Current Playlist || Morning Edition I’m so excited to begin sharing my playlist picks with you guys! I’ll try and share as much as a I can, and hope you enjoy my picks. Follow my soundcloud for more playlists @thecultofshe. Feel free to share you current fave songs in the comments below! I always love … Continue Reading

Wine Wednesday with White Girl Rosé

Wine Wednesday is something we all look forward to right!? I typically tend to keep pretty mellow during the week, unless of course one of my girlfriends asks me to happy hour. At that point, all bets are off. So, while you are trying to make it to the weekend and need a little boost … Continue Reading

Rosé All Day Everyday

Rosé Season – it’s coming! Rosé season is right around the corner kids, are you ready!? As the Somms of LA are stocking up for all of us day drinking enthusiasts, I thought I’d share a few of my faves each week to get us through the off season, so we can stock up our … Continue Reading