Airport essentials with Lo&Sons

Airport must haves Being at an airport can be a serious headache. Long lines, crying babies, and delayed flights are just a few things that add to my stress while waiting to board. On top of all that I am usually going through a checklist in my head and trying to figure out what it … Continue Reading

LA LA land visitors guide for foodies & wino’s

Where to take out-of-towners in LA My Mama came for a visit to LA a few weeks back and we had an absolute blast. Growing up we had been to Laguna a bunch of times and of course Disneyland, but never LA. I was so excited to take her to our favorite spots. Honestly, I … Continue Reading

Stockholm Sweden: a minimalist’s dream

Stockholm Travel Guide Stockholm truly is a minimalists haven. The streets are clean, the people are beautiful and the fashion is on point. Our number one piece of advice would be to take full advantage of the transit system. It is like no other. Spacious, on time, and also known as the “world’s longest art … Continue Reading

NYC: My top spots

#SHETRAVELS : NYC When it comes to eating in NYC, there are no shortage of options. Having lived there for 3 plus years I definitely have my favorites. To keep it short and sweet I’ve mapped out my typical day of eating and drinking while in the concrete jungle. I have breakfast, midmorning coffee, lunch, … Continue Reading

Vancouver in 24 hours

Vancouver in a day Vancouver is my hometown for those of you who didn’t know. I sadly haven’t been back in quite a while, but my husband was recently there for work(so jealous). He basically had a full 24 hours of free time to explore, shop, and most importantly EAT. VanCity has some amazing restaurants … Continue Reading