Framebridge is here to change the game in framing.

Since moving into our apartment 8 months ago, I’ve been procrastinating majorly when it comes to decorating. Especially framing our prints. Framebridge made it so easy! Yes, yes, I know some of the frames are crooked, but I’ll get there don’t worry. Our goals is to fill the whole wall with our new adventures. We really wanted to create a travel themed gallery wall for our living room, and I love it so far!

2017 is all about new travels for us and I can’t wait to use Framebridge to frame all of our new prints. So far we have Vancouver, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Greece planned for 2017, and I don’t think I could be any more excited then I already am!


Framebridge home decor and interior design

Create your own gallery wall and enjoy 15% off your first order by using my code: cultofshe15

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