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We have been on so many trips this year and we’ve been seriously lacking when it comes to framing our memories. It’s so easy to keep your photos in the tiny squares that make up your Instagram feed and not make them into something more special.

framing our memories with Framebridge

Framebridge brought our gallery wall vision to life! The process is so seamless from selecting your digital photo to upload, to choosing the beautiful frame to go with it. There were so many stunning frames it was hard to only select two!

The photos we selected to get framed are both very special to us.

The first one is of us at Namsam Tower in Seoul. It was the first trip we took as a couple to a place we both hadn’t been to before. If you haven’t been to Seoul I cannot recommend it enough! The city is So clean, the people are beyond friendly, and the food is delicious.

framing our memories with Framebridge

The other photo we had framed is of me petting one of the wild Icelandic horses we came across on our road trip in Southern Iceland. The trip was pure magic. It tested our limits, and made us stronger as husband and wife. From driving up to 9 hours a day, to trekking to an abandoned plane in the middle of nowhere, to getting lost in the freezing cold, it was a trip of a lifetime. It wasn’t until our trip to Iceland that I realized my need to travel as much as I can and experience new things often. I know traveling isn’t cheap but it is attainable. We made a choice last January to forego expensive grocery shopping (thank god for Trader Joe’s), to not eat out four nights a week, and to cut back on all unnecessary spending. Because of this we have been able to visit 8 countries in 2017 so far with two more being added to the list by December ( see you soon Cabo and Tokyo!).

These framed memories serve as a reminder to us everyday to keep working towards our goals.

framing our memories with Fraembridge

decorating our home and framing our memories with Framebridge

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