I’m starting Spring off with a fresh running routine

I wish I was as hardcore as all the serious runners in NYC casually running in the winter. But that is 100 percent not me. Anything below 60 degrees and I am not working out outdoors. However, Spring is here kind of, and ya girl is ready to step outside.

I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to get back into running after getting injured but here we are! Having this platform has been such a great way to hold myself accountable and I’m really going to use this post to do so. Hopefully I can inspire a few of you to join me in getting back into a running routine! Or starting to run for the first time!

How I plan to getting back into the groove

1. Take it slow!

I have this tendency to jump into things head first. As if I am in the exact same shape I was in my “prime,” running days. This is not the case today. When I went to workout the first time after my injury I did an entire leg day routine and I kid you not, I couldn’t move for four days. I wanted to cry going up the steps at my building. Not to mention I was in a rush post workout and didn’t stretch. Big mistake! This time around I’m going to trust the process. Baby steps.

2. Listen to my body

It’s so important to listen to your body when getting back into a running routine, or any workout routine for that matter. I was ignoring all the signs that I needed a break back in October which led to a fractured sesamoid. It’s so easy to fall into the “no days off,” mindset that social media tends to highlight. Or the “train insane or remain the same,” quotes that are everywhere. I did an instagram purge a few weeks back and it’s honestly been the best thing! Don’t listen to what other people are pushing for when it comes to working out. Do what’s best for you and your body. If that means taking a day or a week off do it!

3. Have fun!

Last season I was ALL business. This time around I really want my running routine to be joyful, instead of it feeling like a chore. I also was running solo a lot and not taking advantage of all the running groups in Manhattan! Wherever you are based I highly recommend looking up a local running group to help keep you motivated! It’s also such a great way to meet like minded people in your city!

On top of getting back into my running routine I have committed to not taking the subway this Spring/Summer (weather permitting), and only use my citibike membership! I bought some new cycling shorts to look the part too! I’ve linked my whole outfit below. Happy Spring and happy training!

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Thank you adidas for sponsoring this post!

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