Becoming more mindful when eating

how to be more mindful when eating

If you know me whether that be strictly in the digital space or IRL, you know that I’m a lover of all things food related. I pretty much plan events and trips around food. I’m so grateful to live in such a multicultural city, filled with every cuisine you can think of and available at any time of day. However, it wasn’t until I attended an event hosted by Andy Puddicombe the founder of my new favorite App Headspace that I started diving deeper into how I eat.

Andy spoke about how so often we put food in our mouth quickly and don’t really observe it.

At that dinner I had what Oprah would call an AH-HA moment. Something just clicked on inside of me. It now made since why my Mom would call me Hoover when I ate. As I kid I would eat my food SO FAST. There was nothing mindful about my eatings habits of the past and the present. Living in New York City and being constantly on the go, meant for the most part, I was eating on the go too. I wasn’t present. I was ready to take the steps necessary to become mindful while eating.

Three tips to be more mindful when eating

how to be more mindful when eating

  1. Eliminate any distractions

I had become so used to scrolling on Instagram while eating that this was definitely the biggest challenge for me. Same with watching TV while eating dinner. If we were out for dinner I’d make sure to put my phone away and not jump at the chance to take a picture of our food when it arrived. If we were eating at home, I’d leave my phone in the bedroom. Remove any distractions that will take your attention away from the food in front of you. If you tend to be that person running to the subway and eating a bagel at the same time, try and give yourself an extra five minutes to slow down, take a seat and eat your food.

  1. Observe the meal in front of you

Instead of mindlessly diving into your meal, take a moment to really look at it. Take in the colors, smell your food, and think about where it came from. I also use this time to be grateful for the meal in front of me, even if its a simple smoothie. Think about how long it took to grow the ingredients, where were they grown? How were they prepared?

  1. Engage your senses

Before taking your first bite, engage your senses. Take a deep breath and smell your food. Once you start eating, take it slow. Think about how it feels in your mouth and how it tastes. Is it spicy? Is it sweet or salty?

I hope these tips help you practice mindfulness when eating your next meal!


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Thank you Headspace for sponsoring this post.


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