My Iceland travel guide part one: Where to stay

Our trip to Iceland was a whirlwind! I can’t wait to head back this winter and chase the Northern Lights again. We did out usual 72 hour trip but honestly, I could spend at least two weeks exploring this beautiful country. There is SO MUCH to see and the unpredictable weather can really throw your plans for a loop! Allowing space for the unexpected is key to enjoying your trip here. I’ll get to our road trip in the next part of my Iceland travel guide series, today I’m sharing where we stayed during our trip. The hospitality we experienced at all three hotels was SO welcoming and kind. There wasn’t one instance that we weren’t greeting with a warm smile. I couldn’t recommend the three hotels we stayed at more.

Where to stay in Iceland - Iceland travel guide


The Swan House – Vatnsstígur 11, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

For our first night in Iceland we stayed at The Swan House Apartments in Reykjavik. We were so exhausted from flying all day and were beyond excited to see a full kitchen in our room. We immediately felt at home. It also happens to be around the corner from the cutest bakery which was a huge bonus. Bonus super market is a less than a five minute drive as well if you’re in the mood to cook like we were!

The Swan House Apartments Iceland travel guide

Iceland Travel guide where to stay

Swan Apartments in Iceland

The Swan Apartments Iceland

The Swan House Apartments Iceland

The swan Apartments Hotel Iceland travel guide

Thank you for the amazing stay!

Book your stay at The swan Apartments HERE

You can find their Facebook page HERE

ODDSSON HO(S)TEL – Hringbraut 121, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Like it stays on the Oddsson’s website: the devil is in the details. And that’s 100% what you see when you walk in. Not only is it a stunning hotel doubling as an affordable hostel, but you will find a yoga room, communal kitchen, and hot tub ready for you to enjoy during your stay. Their hotel restaurant Bazaar, doesn’t fail to impress either. By the end of our stay I was ready to move in. Our room was more than I could have imagined. First off, it was huge. Second, there was a Nespresso machine. Third, the view from our window looking out into the water was breathtaking. If you’re looking for a fun hotel that has all the perks, this is your spot.

ODDSSON Hotel and Hostel in Iceland

Iceland travel guide Oddsson hotel in Iceland

Oddsson hotel Iceland travel guide



Book your stay at the ODDSSON Ho(s)tel HERE

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Big thank you to the Oddsson for the wonderful stay!


Hotel Laki – Meðallandsvegur, Iceland

This country hotel in the Southeast of Iceland was the highlight of our road trip (more on our road trip later). The view from our room overlooking green pastures, mountains, and glaciers is something I will never forget. This family run hotel also has a spectacular restaurant on site, which I was so thankful for because we were literally in the middle of nowhere. The lamb stew was exactly what I needed after freezing out tails off in Vik earlier that day. One of my favorite parts about the hotel,? The dog. Obviously. I was missing my pups BIG TIME, and this little guy instantly took a liking to us.

Hotel Laki in Southern Iceland

Behind him you can see a few of the homes where the staff live year round. You could tell this place wasn’t just a “hotel and it’s staff,” it was a home, and everyone was family. Hearing the history from the hotel manager and how much the hotel has grown since they first started was remarkable. This is the only place we saw the Northern Lights as well. Around 1am we received a call to our room: ” The Northern Lights are coming.” We jolted out of bed and ran to the roof top. It was FREEZING out and the wind was strong, but thankfully they have a glass enclosed rooftop specifically for viewing the Northern Lights. And man, they did not disappoint. Since it was nearing the end of April, they weren’t as strong in color as they are in the winter months, but they still danced for us. We stayed on the rooftop for a couple of hours in awe. I cannot wait to go back to this beautiful hotel and watch them again.

Hotel Laki in Southern Icleand

Hotel Laki - Southern Iceland

Our beautiful room at Hotel Laki

Hotel Laki Southern Iceland

Hotel Laki

Thank you to everyone at Hotel Laki for making our stay so wonderful!

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