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How to keep the momentum going in 2018

Let’s make 2018 our best year yet!

Now that we are into the third month of 2018 it can be hard to keep the momentum of our New Years resolutions going strong. The gym gets a little less busier, our daily gratitude lists are forgot about, and our daily jogs around the park are pushed aside because life gets in the way.

Today I’m sharing three ways I keep myself motivated all year round, so my resolutions don’t become an afterthought.

Change your yearly or monthly goals to daily to do lists

Yearly goals can be overwhelming when you feel as if you haven’t taken any steps towards reaching them. I like to break down my yearly goals into monthly, weekly, and daily goals to help stay on track. It keeps my from getting overwhelmed and giving up on resolutions! Taking baby steps and doing something each day that will get you to where you want to be by the end of 2018. It can even be as easy as writing a daily to do list and checking off each one as you complete it.

How to keep the momentum going in 2018

Become more mindful of your how you are feeling each day

How to keep the momentum going in 2018

Make it a point to check in with yourself throughout the day. I find it really helps me become present and in the moment. Take a few minutes every couple of hours and take a deep breathe and ask yourself: How am I feeling right now? If you’re like me, your mood changes throughout the day. I’m a big seasonal person when it comes to how I’m feeling. Pouring ran? Nope. Snowstorm? No thank you. I tend to do things based on how I am feeling in that moment, and Diet Coke® is here to help. They have recently released four new bold flavors all with 9 calories and 0 sugar. What’s even better is that you can head over to this link and use your thumbprint to determine which Diet Coke flavor is matched best to your mood. After you’re flavor of the day has been determined you can click through to get an offer for Buy (1) 12 oz. sleek can, get (1) free at Walgreens! Determine your flavor of the day HERE.

Here are the new and bold flavors:

Diet Coke: It’s the one and only original Diet Coke. It might have a new sleek look but it’s that same great taste!

Diet Coke® feisty cherry: Feisty cherry is one of my favorites! Just reading the label makes me want to get out there and get things done!

Diet Coke® ginger lime: This is literally the perfect balance of ginger and lime. So good!

Diet Coke® twisted mango: My husband is a HUGE mango fan, and this is by far is favorite.

Diet Coke® zesty blood orange: Zesty blood orange is exactly as the label reads: ZESTY. It won’t let you down.

How to keep the momentum going in 2018

So no matter what my mood, I’m set when it comes to what beverage I’ll be choosing!

Head over to your local Walgreens and grab yourself a flavor to match your mood 🙂

How to keep the momentum going in 2018

Let go of comparing yourself to others

How to keep the momentum going in 2018

Get away from the midnight scrolling! It is a dangerous mindset to be comparing yourself to others online. As the quote goes: “Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with other peoples hight reel.” Because someone appears to have a “perfect life” online, you never really know what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on yourself and make sure you are giving yourself social media detoxes every now and then. I really try to disconnect on weekends and just be present.

Here’s to keeping the momentum going in 2018!

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