The Holidays have to be the most difficult for me when it comes to staying on track with my routines. Whether that be my morning routine, my diet, or my fitness routine. I’m not one to complete cut off a food group or ban myself from eating dessert and have always opted for moderation instead. It is so easy to overly indulge in the Holidays if you don’t have an “everything in moderation mindset year round.” Cutting something out of your life completely puts you more at risk of binge later on. I’ve also found that if I take a break from my fitness routine during the Holiday season it’s that much harder to get going again come January.

Three ways to keep up with your fitness routine during the Holidays


1. Plan Ahead of Time

Like the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Don’t leave your workout planning to the last minute. Map out your Holiday plans and start scheduling your workouts in ahead of time. For me, I know once I get to my Mom’s she pretty much won’t let me out of her sight and will have my schedule packed with visiting family and eating all of the treats she’ll be baking. In light of this, I schedule my workouts for early in the morning while everyone is sleeping, or I offer to take Gemma my families pup for a long walk in the afternoons. Prior to flying home from NYC I’ll ramp up my workouts since I know I won’t have the same intensity while working out in my moms basement and garage.

2. Keep your workouts interesting

There is nothing worse than a boring and repetitive workout. When it comes to sticking to a routine I need variety or I get bored quickly. Since the Holidays tend to involve a lot of travel for me, I like to opt outside as much as possible. Weather permitting of course! If your visiting family and don’t have access to a gym, layer up and head to the nearest park! All you really need is some sort of bench and you are good to go!

Start with a light warm up and then do some squats, tricep dips, alternating lunges, star jumping jacks, and incline push ups and you’ve got yourself a full body workout! Repeat with 3 sets of 12 and you are ready to take on the day. If it’s too chilly to workout outdoors you can do that same workout inside using a couch or chair as well. If you have workout bands pack them in your suitcase.


3. Don’t beat yourself up

It’s easy to be hard on yourself during the Holidays, but let’s change that mindset. Go easy on yourself this season and enjoy your time with family and friends. If you want an extra glass of wine have an extra glass of wine! Just have an extra glass of water in between! If you want a second or third helping of stuffing go for it, just add an extra set of squats tomorrow. Life is about finding a balance. It’s ok to skip a workout, as long as you get back into it the next day. Being hard on ourselves doesn’t get us anywhere.



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