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New Year’s Resolution #2

This week I’m focusing on writing down my New Year’s resolutions! On top of simply writing them down, I’m writing actionable tasks to help me achieve my goals. My next resolution I’m sharing is to stay on track with my fitness goals! Honestly, the number one reason I fall behind on working out is that I DREAD doing laundry after hot yoga. Let’s be real, laundry in NYC is no fun and having stinky and sweaty clothes in a small New York apartment is a no go. Thankfully there’s Member’s Mark® Active Clean™ Scent from Sams Club here to save the day.

More on how to keep your athleisure wear clean, later. Back to my 2018 fitness goals.

How to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolution fitness goals

New Year's Resolution

 Write down your 3,6,12 month fitness goals

I know that seems like a big task, but it needs to be done. Where do you see yourself in three months, six month, and twelve months in regard to fitness? Are you wanting to train for a marathon (NYC marathon here I come), are you wanting to be able to do 100 push ups? Run 10k? I like to start at 12 months and go backwards. Reverse engineer your goals. This has been a a game changer for me. I tend to take it even farther and break it all the way down from 12 months to week by week to day by day. No room for slip ups! All that’s left is you and your own motivation. Once you see the breakdown of how you can achieve your goals, it becomes that much more real, and that much more attainable.

Have an accountability partner

For this I chose my husband. He always holds me accountable to my goals, and doesn’t let me use any excuses. It’s really important to choose someone strong willed, who won’t let you talk them into not hitting the gym that day, or let you off easy! A best friend works well for this too, or even your personal trainer if you have one. Bottom line is, you need to someone who won’t let anything slide when it comes to your fitness goals!

Plan your workout outfits

This may seem unimportant, but trust me it’s a big one. If you’re not prepared, you’re prepared to fail. This rings true for workout planning. Layout or pack what you are wearing to the gym the night before. Have your sneakers, your layers, sports bra, and everything else you need all ready to go. The last thing you need to be doing before or after work is worrying if you have workout gear with you.

As I said earlier, a big reason why I would back out of going to the gym is because laundry is the bane of my existence. Well at least it used to be. I practice hot yoga at least twice a week which means I walk out of the class drenched in sweat. I used to be OCD about getting that hot yoga room/ sweaty smell out of my clothes but Member’s Mark Active Clean Scent from Sams Club has put my OCD to rest. It truly does attack the toughest stains & odors! Make sure to be on the lookout for the Instant Savings Booklet as this product will be promoted in it with ($2.00 off) between 12/2717 and 1/28/18! Make sure to look our for the new packaging at your local Sams Club!

Knowing that I don’t have to worry about post workout laundry, or getting my pants covered in mud while running in Central Park, means I have one less excuse not to workout. I wash my workout gear every Sunday so now I try to go to yoga weekend mornings since I’ll be doing laundry Sunday night!

Members Mark Detergent helping me stay focused on my New Years resolution

Members Mark Detergent helping me stay focused on my New Years resolution

Members Mark Detergent helping me stay focused on my New Years resolution

\ Members Mark Detergent helping me stay focused on my New Years resolution

I hope these tips help you accomplish your fitness goals of 2018!

Member's Mark New Years Reoslution

The stairs I see walking into my fave hot yoga class in NYC @Y7studio


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