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No more bad hair days ladies!

I’m all about saving time when it comes to getting ready. I remember in high school my girlfriends use to yell at me to hurry up because I was the one putting  on the 100 coats of mascara and teasing my hair until it twice the size of my head. I can’t help but laugh looking back at my back combed hair and barely there eyebrows. Back in the day I would say I was a maximalist, whereas now I’m 100% more of a minimalist.

Less is more

I LOVE the “no makeup” makeup look, but don’t get me wrong sometimes I want to do a full look if I’m heading out for a special occasion or am in the mood. Either way I always do easy and effortless hairstyle.

Say no to the low pony

There were a couple of years where the low pony was my go to. I was in the middle of growing out a bob and couldn’t be bothered to style my hair as it was growing out. In came the low pony. However, as my hair grew I found myself sticking with it. I kept telling myself, “I don’t have time to do anything with my hair.” Or, “I am terrible with a curling iron.” 

In all honesty, I was just being lazy and making up an excuse. I finally bit the bullet and made more of an effort to style my hair starting with a haircut. I told my stylist I wanted something low maintenance and a haircut that would look good as it grew. She did a really simple cut adding a bunch of volume and face shaping layers and showed me how to add some loose curls. I was so in love I immediately went home and ordered the Hot Tools Signature Series curling iron and I haven’t turned back. It truly allows me to achieve salon quality results at home!

The Hot Tools Signature Series has Pulse Technology®  which allows it to get hot, and stay hot! It also can reach a heat setting of 430°F which enables it to style all different types of hair and textures. I honestly didn’t think I would be styling my hair at home and not booking a blowout, but it happened! If you are new to curling your hair definitely ask your stylist for tips or even check out some YouTube videos for tutorials! I always add dry shampoo and also a texture spray before curling to add some extra volume to my hair, which always tends to do the trick. You can find the Hot Tools Signature Series at your local Walmart View Link and their whole line is super affordable! The flat iron is next on my list!

Ps. Santa if you’re reading this, I promise I’ve been good this year! 😉 Everyone deserves beautiful! 


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