AWAY Luggage: the luxe travel brand without the hefty price tag. You know when Warby Parker alums get together, something great is bound to happen. And AWAY luggage is greater than great. It’s the perfect travel companion. The unbreakable shell put me at ease while running through New York with my carry on in tow. … Continue Reading

Framebridge is here to change the game in framing. Since moving into our apartment 8 months ago, I’ve been procrastinating majorly when it comes to decorating. Especially framing our prints. Framebridge made it so easy! Yes, yes, I know some of the frames are crooked, but I’ll get there don’t worry. Our goals is to … Continue Reading

Winter coats don’t have to be unflattering. Winter coats that are still cute are hard to come by. It can be so hard to look cute while still trying not to freeze your butt off. When we lived in New York I would last around twenty minutes in my outfit before RUNNING back home and … Continue Reading

This Holiday gift guide is for all the ladies in your life. This holiday has been a crazy one for me to say the least. So much going on family and work wise it’s been hard to keep up with everything. I thought it would be best to split my holiday guide into three parts. … Continue Reading

NYE = sparkles, glitter, and gold. And don’t forget champagne, so much champagne. NYE is going to be pretty low-key for me this year. Especially since I am getting surgery on the 29th. WELP. But hey, New year, new nose. Seriously, I’m getting rhinoplasty and I can’t wait. Side note: I actually broke my nose … Continue Reading