Rosé Season – it’s coming!

Rosé season is right around the corner kids, are you ready!? As the Somms of LA are stocking up for all of us day drinking enthusiasts, I thought I’d share a few of my faves each week to get us through the off season, so we can stock up our fridges at home for the beach days to come!

Rosé has made a serious comeback these past few years, and I am totally fine with that. It’s such a great anytime wine. Day, night, even morning if you really want to start your day right. Pancakes with a light bodied fruit forward Rosé? YAAAAS. Now we are really getting somewhere. Sunday Funday in the best way.

Now that we know when we are drinking (year round duh!). Lets get down to the grape!

When this wine is made the crushed grapes usually stay in contact with the skin from one to three days. This process will give the wine its color. There’s also another process called saignée or bleeding, but we’ll get into that another time. It is made from red grapes, and the options are endless. Some of the most popular rosé grapes are these bad boys: Grenache, Tempranillio, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. France wins when it comes to production. Over a third of this anytime wine is produced in France. Merci Provence.

For the first Wine Wednesday post I’m bringing you three of my budget friendly, but delicious favorites.

rose season yes way rose

Lorenza Rosé : 2015 California $17.99

This is my go to house warming, house party, bring a bottle wine. For one the label is everything I love: minimal and on point typography. And two, it’s light and low in alcohol which means no one is getting too crazy right off the bat. It’s feminine and floral but also has really nice notes of cranberry, guava, and tart cherry. This wine has some nice minerality to it as well which means I want sushi, oysters, and a lobster roll. Bring this wine to the Hamps and the Bu.

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Chateau Montaud Rosé Provence : 2015 France $9.99

This bottle is EVERYWHERE. You will have no problem finding it. Why is it everywhere? Because it’s that good! It comes from the motherland of all Rosé production, so the standards are a little high. With the signature light pink Provence rosé hue this is probably my number one when it comes to value.  Planning a cheese party? Any by party I mean you’re eating a whole wheel of brie while watch KUWTK. No? Just me, cool. Anyways, cheese + montaund = GOLD. You get these amazing notes of peach, honeysuckle, and strawberry. The acidity just makes you want to keep on sippin! Bring this to your outdoor movie picnic.

rose wine post

La Vieille Ferme Rosé : 2014 France $10.95

Oh Em Gee. Everything you want in a Rosé. It’s light, tart, and fruity all in one. If you love watermelon jolly ranchers you’ll be obsessed. Don’t worry though it’s not all watermelon. You’ll get that at the finish though. This is more of a one note wonder but in a good way. Simple, clean, and a little acidic. Also, you can get this bad ass rosé at Trade Joe’s. The Perrin family confirmed that the La Ferme Julien with the goat illustration is La Vieille Ferme Rosé or very, very similar. Either way it’s a win,win at $6 a bottle.

Cheers for now & get those rosé bottles poppin.

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