With so many shopping app’s available it can be hard to pick a favorite. Allow me to pick for you. Introducing: Luvit.

Shopping can be so stress full, especially as we inch closer to the holidays. I need it to be as accessible and easy as possible. I was lucky to be able to be part of the app’s beta testing and I couldn’t wait for it to launch! What sets Luvit apart is the social aspect of your experience.

This is definitely the first app I have tried where I can peak at what friends are adding to their wish list while curating my own. Here’s a sneak peak at my profile @nicole

Shopping with the Luvit app

Navigating the app is really easy, and each users profile includes their instagram feed which makes it easy to follow each other! What I love most about Luvit is that I am discovering some seriously cool brands while I shop. Eleven Paris, Genuine People, and Earth Tu Face to name a few. The fact that you earn cash back while you shop doesn’t hurt either! Find me on the app @nicole and download here : Luvit

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