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A solo trip to Paris is always a good idea.

My solo trip to Paris - All photos taken on Samsung Galaxy S9+
Photo taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9+

If I’m being completely honest, this year got off on a pretty rocky start. Three months in and I was ready for a trip. A solo trip. There’s something about going to a different country on your own that helps you get centered again. Paris always does this for me. Spending last week in the city of love helped me gain some perspective on 2018 thus far. What did all of these obstacles mean? Where is my current path leading me? Am I aligned with my true self? More to come on all of these realizations later. For now, let’s talk about what I brought to Paris, besides an open heart and mind.

If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know I NEVER check in a bag when traveling. And I mean never. Carry-on only over here.

So how do I pack light while going overseas? I’m sharing three tips to only packing a carry-on for EVERY trip!

  1. Layer Layer Layer

This really only applies when traveling during the colder months. Obviously if you’re going somewhere warm and beachy, less is definitely more! I knew Paris was going to be cold AF so I made it a point to layer my plane outfit. I had a t-shirt as my first layer, followed by a long sleeve, a scarf and finally my winter coat. For pants I had on leggings with trousers as my final layer. Pretty much as soon as we take off I go down to only leggings, because comfort for an 8hour flight is a must. If done right, you’ve pretty much layered 2 outfits already.

2. Essentials only

Gone are the days of me packing 6 pairs of shoes for a one week trip. We both know we will most likely stick to one pair, maybe two during the trip. I wear my most comfortable shoes (usually sneakers), on the plane and tend to pack a nicer pair in my carry on. Usually Chelsea Boots, or heels. An easy way to narrow down the essentials is to do a test pack. Start out packing what you really want to bring even though you know it won’t all fit in your carry-on, and start the elimination process. It might take a minute but it’s worth it, because nobody wants to wait at baggage claim.

3. Choose a phone that can double as your travel camera

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been traveling and have had serious neck . a shoulder pain from walking around with a heavy camera all day. 10-12 hours of exploring with a heavy camera can give you some serious aches and pains! The new Samsung Galaxy S9+ is all you need for you next trip abroad as well as capturing everyday moments. The photo quality from such a sleek phone is amazing. Besides the photos of the actual phone every photo in this post was taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9+! Along with being able to take stunning photos the fact that I was able to get real time translations in Paris from my phone was so so helpful! Especially while dining out solo and not understanding a word on the menu! My favorite feature by far is the dual aperture. This allowed me to take beautiful photos while in Paris in any type of lighting without sacrificing the quality of the photos. Being able to manual change the camera settings while setting up for a shot is a photographers dream. I can’t recommend making the switch from big and bulky to sexy and sleek enough. You neck and shoulders will thank me!

All of the photos below were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S9+

My solo trip to Paris - shot on Samsung Galaxy S9+

My solo trip to Paris - All photos taken on Samsung Galaxy S9+

My solo trip to Paris - All photos taken on Samsung Galaxy S9+

This video was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9+

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My solo trip to Paris - All photos taken on Samsung Galaxy S9+

Have a wonderful week everyone and I hope you’re planning your next solo trip!

GIF created with the new Samsung Galaxy S9+

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