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I’ve been very focused on breaking barriers this year and letting go of limiting beliefs. From changing negative thought patterns to not allowing what society deems acceptable to stop me from making my own decisions. I’ve also been paying very close attention lately when it comes to assumptions that are made based on my gender.

Growing up I used to LOVE proving the boys wrong when it came to playing sports. I was definitely a tomboy and chose basketball and tae kwon do over ballet and girl scouts. Now it’s not so much about proving people wrong and more about educating people as to why in 2018 we are still making assumptions.

Gone are the days where women are only drinking chardonnay and cosmopolitans. To be honest, I’ve never liked either of them. My husband will tell you that my biggest peeve when we are out at a restaurant is when our server will look at me and ask, “Can I get you a glass of white wine?” My response is always no and followed by me either ordering an old fashioned or a whisky on the rocks.

glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky

Women drink whisky too.

glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky

I don’t need to be a middle aged white man in a suit with a cigar in hand to drink whisky, and neither do you. Whisky isn’t only a man’s drink of choice. This is an image I would get when thinking of whisky when I was younger, and I’m sure many people still have that image in their head of what a whisky drinker looks like. Usually in a room filled with mahogany, wealthy men and cigar smoke. Right?

Let’s change the narrative.

glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky

The Glenlivet is out to change the way we view whisky drinkers, and I’m here for it. I don’t smoke cigars, I don’t have a brown leather couch and I’m not a man. But guess what? I love The Glenlivet Founders Reserve whisky. Whether I’m enjoying it as a Rob Roy, neat, or with a cube of ice, I love it all the same. I’m the one who turned my husband into a whisky drinker! The Founder’s Reserve scotch whisky by The Glenlivet is a single malt with great flavor. It’s smooth finish and zest orange and pear tasting notes make it a great scotch whisky to drink neat. You can’t go wrong with this Speyside malt. So ladies, next time you’re out for drinks or picking up something for a night in pay attention to the thoughts that come up when going to buy whisky. Pay attention to the clerk at the liquor store. Let’s break down those limiting beliefs and educate those around you to make no assumptions. Let others know that women drink whisky too!

glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky glenlivet-founders-reserve- women -drink-whisky

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