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I’m sharing my favorite women in wellness to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th! A few months ago I did an “Instagram Purge.” I intentionally unfollowed every account that didn’t make me feel good about myself. Whether that be because they were pushing unrealistic ideals onto me, causing my FOMO, or making me feel as if am not enough exactly as I am. Unfollowing 800 people and brands felt REAL GOOD. It made me realize how important it is to take an active approach in selecting what I absorb everyday. It’s time to make a conscious decision to only surround ourselves with people who lift us up and empower us to be the best versions of ourselves both IRL and in the digital space.

women in wellness - international womens day with adidas

women in wellness - international womens day with adidas

If you’ve gone ahead and unfollowed the accounts that no longer serve you, I’ve rounded up my four favorite women in wellness accounts below for you to follow!


Four women to follow

1. Chinae Alexander

chinae alexander international women's day women in wellness

Her account is all realness and she is so so genuine. She also recently launched the Press Send Podcast which focuses on advice for women on basically any and every topic. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

2. Hannah Bronfman

hannah bronfman international womens day women in wellness

Hannah was one of the first women in wellness I started following back in the day. Throughout the years she has stayed true to her message and has always been a champion for women and living a healthy and empowered life. I love her @hbfit account as well!

3. Jera Foster-Fell

Jera women in wellness international women's day

Jera is as real as they come on the gram. She shares amazing messages of self love while being honest about her struggles and what she does to overcome them.

4. Jordan Younger (the balanced blonde)

the balanced blonde international women's day women in wellness

Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde is one of my favorite accounts on instagram. Watching her completely change her life to help heal her body from Lyme has been such an inspiration for me since I also have an autoimmune disease. She truly is a ray of light. Her podcast is also a MUST listen!

I hope you all love these accounts as much as I do! Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below as well.

Be sure to check out adidas She Breaks Barriers video below, it’s so inspiring!

She breaks barriers


Speaking of adidas I have been living in these leggings lately! So comfy especially during these ugly NYC winter days! I’ve linked a few of my current favorite products below as well.

women in wellness - international womens day with adidas

adidas women in wellness adidas women in wellness adidas women in wellness adidas women in wellness

  1. All me strappy bra
  2. ID stadium hoodie
  3. Edge luxe 3 shoes
  4. Believe this tights

Happy International Women’s Day!

Thank you adidas for sponsoring this post 🙂


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Loved this post!! I love a good social media cleanse. I’m feeling inspired to hit the unfollow button now ? keep up the good work! Your blog is beautiful

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